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The omnipresent Mayan deity, that didn’t exist


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It’s an odd thing with gods: Many people say they exist, because they know and believe it. Many people say, that there probably isn’t any god. Scientists often refer to god as made by man. So in the end, you probably can’t know if a god exists or not. If however you come to speak of a god in question, that was the god of an ancient culture in an originally pantheistic religion, it gets a lot harder.

Right now however, I want to present such a case to you: the case of the god Hunab Ku. Hunab Ku is said to be an high, invisible god of the Maya. In a 16th century dictionary, he’s described as: “the only living and true god, also the greatest of the gods of the people of Yucatan. He had no form because they said that he could not be represented as…

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  1. The yin-yang type symbol that is said to represent the Maya deity Hunab Ku has long intrigued me. In my studies of the Maya pantheon, I’ve never come across reference to this god. Apparently he/it was introduced after Spanish contact and served to bring the monotheistic concept into Maya spirituality. The intrepid Jose Arguelles developed the symbol based on Aztec imagery, as this blog nicely traces. Thanks Complete Mesoamerica for this concise summary of a particular apotheosis.

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