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Leonide Martin at Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico in 2012.

Leonide Martin at Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico in 2012.

Leonide (Lennie) Martin and Hunbatz Men
Maya Ceremony at Lol Be, Yucatan, Mexico

Leonide (Lennie) Martin: Retired California State University professor, former Family Nurse Practitioner. Author and Maya researcher, Research Member Maya Exploration Center. Maya Fire Woman and Solar Initiate in the Itza Maya Tradition.

My books bring ancient Maya civilization to life in stories about historical Mayans and fictional characters.  I’ve studied Maya culture from both the scientific and indigenous viewpoints.  While living for five years in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, I apprenticed with Maya Elder Hunbatz Men, becoming a Solar Initiate and Maya Fire Woman in the Itza Maya tradition.  I’ve studied with other indigenous teachers in Guatemala and Mexico, including Maya Priestess-Daykeeper Aum Rak Sapper, Don Alejandro Cirilio Oxlaj, Tata Pedro Cruz, Don Pedro Pablo, and Miguel Angel Vergara.  My work is dedicated to describing ancient Maya culture, wisdom, cosmology, spirituality, calendars, astronomy/astrology, and architectural accomplishments.

Palenque Reconstruction National Geographic

Palenque Reconstruction National Geographic



Palenque – the ancient Mayan city Lakam Ha – is one of my favorite Maya site, mysteriousBook Cover_MOP-small and beautiful spread across a high mountain ridge in lush tropical jungles.  My interest in ancient Mayan women led to writing the Mayan Queen’s series called “Mists of Palenque.” These books tell the stories of powerful women who shaped the destinies of their people as rulers themselves, or wives of rulers. These remarkable Mayan women are unknown to most people. Using extensive research and field study, I aspire to depict ancient Palenque (Lakam Ha) authentically, and make these amazing Mayan queens accessible to a wide readership.




Final Cover Yohl IkNal_DDThe Visionary Mayan Queen: Yohl Ik’nal of Palenque

The first Mayan woman ruler, her visionary powers would save or destroy her city, Lakam Ha, and end or preserve her lineage. At the height of Maya civilization, an exceptional woman faces her destiny amid intrigue and conflict, seeking balance between love and duty.


SK Final Cover eBook-smThe Controversial Mayan Queen: Sak K’uk of Palenque

The strong-willed daughter of Yohl Ik’nal steers her city through devastating enemy attack and spiritual crisis as their portal to the gods collapses. Sak K’uk must invoke powers of the Primordial Mother Goddess to overcome opposition, accede and hold the throne for her son, Pakal.


DD_Red Queen FinalThe Mayan Red Queen: Tz’aakb’u Ahau of Palenque

Shy, homely Lalak, wife of Pakal, is overwhelmed by the royal court and her mother-in-law Sak K’uk’s hostility. She struggles to find her place and win Pakal’s love, using sexual alchemy to help him restore the collapsed spiritual portal as he brings his city to creative and artistic heights.


The Prophetic Mayan Queen: K’inuuw Mat of Palenque

Coming soon! Publication date November 2018.


For more information about my writing and the ancient Mayas, visit my Facebook page Leonide Martin and my website:




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  1. Hi there Leonide,
    Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out my little corner of the blogosphere and the follow, your support is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to seeing more from you 🙂

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