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Itzamna Painted on Vase Performing Ritual

Welcome to my Historical Fiction Blog

           Books, articles and research about the ancient Mayas


My logo is 13 Rabbit Scribe — “Circle Complete” Ox Lahun Ub’aah.  The rabbit scribe is seen in many Maya drawings on ceramics and bark paper folding codices.  As a contemporary Maya scribe, my historical fiction books tell stories of real and fictional ancient Mayans.  My articles and research provide information about their advanced civilization and impressive culture.


I’ve lived and traveled in Maya regions of southern Mexico, Belize and Guatemala learning from indigenous teachers.  My blog focuses on ancient Maya sites, archeology, anthropology, epigraphy, current and past research, and the arts and sciences of Mayan culture.

Leonide Martin walking on sacbe at El Mirador with archeologist Ed Barnhart (red shirt)

Leonide Martin
La Danta Pyramid at El Mirador, Guatemala

My historical fiction books bring readers into the world of the ancient Mayas.  You enter the mysterious domain of shaman-kings, warriors and scribes, artisans and stone carvers who built remarkable pyramids, temples, and palaces in tropical jungles.  Their ambitions and desires, cosmovision and extraordinary abilities come alive in stories with vivid characters and compelling plots, based on actual Maya history.

Mists of Palenque Series
Four Great Mayan Queens

My Maya Queens Books


Murals at Bonampak Royal Women

Murals at Bonampak
Royal Women







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